Newly Released LDS Fiction

This past week, we added three new titles over on the LDS Fiction blog:

A Banner is Unfurled: Glory from On High (vol.3) by Marci Gallacher & Kerri Robinson

Mom Says I Can by Judy Cooley

The Crayon Messages by Christine Thackeray

Did we miss any? If we did, let me know.

We've also posted the next contest and the winner of last week's contest. (Yea!)

Bit of business: I know that more than two people attended the LDStorymakers Conference last month but so far I've only had two people send me their notes. If you attended, PLEASE, send me your notes from some of your favorite classes.

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Candace E. Salima said...

I did take notes in the classes I managed to attend. The rest of the time I was teaching, mentoring, answering questions or simply running around helping where I could. After Alvin's kidney transplant (April 15th) I'll get you those notes.