May 2008 Comment Contest Winners

Here are the winners of the May Comment Contest, randomly selected from comments made during the month of May.

Thanks again to our sponsors. Please take a moment to read their bio info here.

Fool Me Twice

by Stephanie Black

Winner: Melanie Goldmund

Commenting on Summer Story: Lock, Stock and Arrow

The Moms' Club Diaries

by Allyson Condie

Winner: TC

Commenting on Summer Story: Bus Tickets and Blood Tests

The Topaz

by Jennie Hansen

Winner: Betsy

Commenting on Judging LDS Authors by LDS Standards

To claim your prize, you must e-mail your mailing address to me by Friday, June 6, 2008.

(Unclaimed prizes will be up for grabs on Monday, June 9th.)

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Betsy said...

I sent you an e-mail with my information. I hope that you got it. Once again thank you.

LDS Publisher said...

Got it and forwarded it to the author. You should have your prize soon. Thank you for participating in the contest.