More LDSBA Pics

These photos are compliments of Traci Abramson, author of The Deep End (a 2007 Whitney finalist), Freefall (released in February 2008), and Royal Target (to be released in October; currently available for pre-order at Deseret Book).

Traci (center) with Kat Gille (my awesome editor) and
Rachel Langlois (marketing/public relations w/ Covenant)

Traci (left), David G. Wooley (center), and Jeri Gilchrist
after David's signing at the Covenant booth.

Clint Harrison from Garden Gate Bookstore in Vernal, Utah
proving that real men read pink.


Lucy said...

I want that pink book. I love Traci's stuff!

Tristi Pinkston said...

Great pictures ... and of course men read pink! It's what's inside the book that counts.

Stephanie Black said...

Love the pics, Traci and LDSP!

Anonymous said...

This book looks like so much fun. When does it come out?

Traci Hunter Abramson said...

Thanks everyone! Royal Target comes out this October. I can't wait!

Janet Burningham said...

Thanks for all the pictures LDSP! As a newcomer to this business I've enjoyed your posts. I'm still anxiously awaiting your comments on LDSBA!