Feedback Wanted

First, the "Second Chance" winners for November's Comment Contest are posted HERE. Along with Trivia Tuesday and links to a Jennie Hansen book contest. You should put the contest site on your reader or feed, or get used to checking it regularly because very soon now, I'll stop mentioning that all contest information is being posted OVER THERE.

Now for the feedback. As I'm thinking about what to post and how to organize it, I've come up with some basic categories, such as writing, submitting, publishing/self-publishing and marketing. These sort of go in a linear order beginning with writing and ending with marketing. However, as readers, all of you are in different stages of the process.

So my question is, would you prefer that I post in a linear way and go through the stages from start to finish? Or post about each area on a different day so that no matter where you are in the process, you'll get some advice you can use at least once a week? Or just post all mish-mash as the mood strikes?

Any opinions? (You can leave a comment and/or vote in the sidebar poll.)

Also, anyone know what's up with "Ly"? I haven't gotten any smark-aleck comments from him/her in a long time.


Th. said...


I would recommend the mishmash as it seems likely to me that that is the form that will make it easiest for you to post regularly.

Melanie Goldmund said...

Because so many people read your blog, and we're all, as you pointed out, in different stages of the process, I think it would be best if you post about each area on a different day. It doesn't have to be the same day each week, though that would be convenient for us readers, but it would be nice to know that there will be a little something for everybody without us having to wait for ages until it's our turn.

Don said...

I agree. It's more interesting to mix it up.

William said...

It doesn't matter to me -- and the reason it doesn't matter is because I follow your work via RSS feed.

So my request would be that you make a master page that has all the various RSS feeds for all the blogs and comments etc. so that I can choose which ones to subscribe to and also not miss any that I might not be currently subscribed to.

Anonymous said...

Exactly what is a smark-aleck comment? Something like, say, this:

I've been watching you LDSP. Very closely. But with the dawn of Obamacomics, I've been too busy monitoring the effects of TARP and the proposed infusion of a trillion Obama stimulus dollars on the fragile LDS publishing market to worry about posting a comment. Sorry for the multi-month silence, but isn’t this something you should cover on your blog?

I love what you've done to the place. Maroon, white, silver and gold are my favorite color combinations. I would have thrown a little formality in, say, the lined black borders and headings along with a few granite pillars. A sense of permanence and security is what separates dependable banks and established publishers from the also rans. It's an authoritative look that assures readers you are, indeed, in possession of publishing knowledge safely guarded deep in the LDSP vault, free from the inflationary pressures of the Obailout. Makes us feel like an investment in your advice will be safe, secure, and provide a decent return on writing time. Formal black borders and granite pillars will do wonders for the long term economics of your blog. Get some for the home page before the price triples.

Speaking of price tripling, Have you seen these graphs (http://www.federalreserve.gov/econresdata/releases/statisticsdata.htm)? Scary. Tell your marketing retail guys to print new price tags. Sixteen dollar copies of Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow at a bargain basement $35.00 by the end of next year.

You've heard of income tax, right? It’s time to get ready for the new Obama tariff. Inflation tax. The tax that needs no IRS—just a really big printing press. It’s the tax everyone gets to pay for the rest of your life without filing a single 1099. And you thought turbo tax made things simple. Inflation tax is the Obama approved way to tap into your savings and productivity without any new tax laws. It’s sleek. It’s elegant. And it requires zero enforcement. The higher market price is the tax and the enforcement all in one. And to make government even more efficient and transparent, the department of treasury just merged with the IRS. To celebrate the merger they came out with a new book every publisher is begging to distribute. Print it. Spend it. Inflate it. For the first time in their storied history, the New York Times has offered to rank it number one on their bestseller list before congress even releases it later this week. And they’ve prepared a cool backliner that goes like this: You’re not ever going to be able to put this one down!

Affectionately watching your economic publishing back,


Rebecca Talley said...

As I've said before--LY has such a distinctive style.

Good to see you back at it LY.

Sandra said...

Ly, good to see that you are still around. I was beginning to worry about you! Good to have you back.

Gamila said...

I like either the idea of posting about different topics everyday or so. That would make the blog more intersting.