National Family Institute and The Success Choice

National Family Institute is a newcomer to the convention.

They were fun to talk to and had some great items for sale. Including The 3 Word Journal by Randal A. Wright (pictured above). Interesting concept for "non" writers who want to keep a journal.

They also had a planner for women from The Success Choice, which I thought looked great for moms.

And they had these darling bronzes.

Called "Moments of Life" they are sculpted by Mary Adams. She does not a have a website but can be reached by email: mothera [at] gmail [dot] com.

If you have LDSBA photos to share, e-mail them to me and I'll post them.


Sandra said...

The bronzes are made by the mom of one of the 3 Word Journal gals.
Her name is Mary Adams. She doesn't currently have a website but can be reached via e-mail at: mothera@gmail.com

The bronzes are Moments of Life and are quite captivating. They caught my eye and I fell in love with them. Now I just have to save up so I can get them.

Jen & Kurt said...

I'm Jen, the gal on the right in the white. The 3 Word Journal is amazing. It's very fun to see how many memories you can capture in just a few moments with this system.

We're looking at doing the bronze sculptures in a resin or in a bronze cold press process so that the price can come down. They are wonderful to have!