I'm Back—and Accepting Submissions!

It's been a nice long summer and I really needed the break. Did a lot of reading and sleeping and thinking. A lot of thinking. Especially about this blog and whether or not it has a future.

See, the issue here is, I've already said a lot of what needs to be said about publishing. Like many authors, I sit here looking at a blank screen with no idea of what to talk about that would be fresh and new and worth your time to read.

However, based on the emails I get (even when I'm on hiatus and forget to post the "best ofs" as promised), there still seems to be a need/interest/desire for a blog like this.

Also, the industry is changing. With more and more authors going indie and the huge upsurge in ebooks, a lot of tried and true principles have now been turned on their heads. I'm interested in these trends but as I'm no longer directly involved in the daily operations of a publishing company, I'm not quite the rabid info-hound I was when I started this blog.

So I'm back, but with some changes.

Magazine Style Format
I'll still continue to answer questions sent to me by readers, but I'm also moving toward creating a "magazine" type blog, with articles from other writers and bloggers. If you blog about writing, publishing, or industry trends and you want me to take a look at a particular post for re-posting here, send me an e-mail with the URL link to that specific post. I'll also do my own searching of other blogs for good info and then re-posting those blog posts here (with permission, of course).

Like any submission process, some posts will be accepted and others will be rejected. I'm looking for good writing and keen insights that I think will appeal to my readers here. "Payment" for submissions is a byline, photo, short bio and link to your blog. (See example here.)

Short Story Contests
Second, I'll continue to host Short Story Contests but with less feedback than previously promised. Submissions to these contests will get a review sheet on their story, but not a line edit. And yes, I'll still publish collections (like this one), once I get enough good stories to fill one.

As a follow-up on previous contests, there were not enough Book of Mormon stories to print a collection, so that has been tabled (at least, for now). The second Christmas collection is still being collected. It will not be available this year, but probably in 2012.

(And speaking of Christmas collections, this year's Christmas Short Story Contest will be announced on Monday, September 5th, 2011!)

Sponsors/Ads/Link Swap & Etc
Still doing the "Win These Books" monthly comment contests much the same as before. For updated information, read Win a Book and Sponsor the Contest.

You can also still purchase an ad on the sidebar. No more tradesies (sorry). Your ad button must be square. See Ad Space Info for details.

I've added some link lists (see far right sidebar). "Blogs for Writers" and "Author Resources" are blogs/websites that I think contain useful info for writers. I'm also willing to swap links with any LDS author. See Link Swap for details.

Lastly, I've added my recommendations of Essential Books for Writers. This is an Amazon store and every book in the store has been personally read and vetted by me. Not all the books will appeal to all writers, but these are ones that I think have enough useful info to be worth the price. I'll be adding books on a semi-regular basis.

The Other Blogs
The LDS Fiction blog will remain the same. I'd sure appreciate help finding LDS fiction authors—especially with all the indies out there now. If you are—or know of—an LDS author with a new release, please send me an e-mail. Read Your Book on This Site to see the info I need.

LDS Author Network needs help, too. I may be revamping this in the near future. If you're a published LDS author, LDS publisher, LDS service provider, LDS association or forum, read Getting Your Post on This Site for a description of the info I need to create your post.

LDS Author Events & Contests will be going by the wayside soon, unless someone wants to volunteer to be the Admin for it. It's just too hard for me to keep on top of that info.

That's it for now! Thanks for stopping by.

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Karen Jones Gowen said...

I'm glad you're back because there is a need for your blog and your insightful info about the LDS market. Indeed, the industry is changing so rapidly and writers need to keep up on the changes.