Starting a Writers Group

You keep suggesting that we should be part of a writers critique group. I found one, but they are 60 miles away. Just how do I go about finding another one that is closer to me? Do you have some guidelines on what makes a good group and how groups should work?

If you can't find a group that fits your needs, consider starting one. You can post info at your local library or on a forum board asking for interested parties in your area. But the BEST way to create a group is to go to a writers conference for your area and mingle. Find other authors who you like, who seem like they would be fun to work with, who have some skill in writing (you can usually find out their skill level by attending the critique workshop offered by the conference, or by the types of questions they ask other people). Then ask if they'd be interested in forming a writers critique group.

As for guidelines, yes, I've got some good ones somewhere at home but I am in the middle of moving and they're probably already packed up. (Yes, I know...moving in December, what was I thinking?!!?) I'll try to remember to find them and post them here after I move, but if you don't see a post by February, someone e-mail and remind me that I promised to do that.

[That hollow thudding sound you're hearing right now is my head, banging against the empty U-Haul...]


Josi said...

You can start with googling your home state +writers group. See what comes up. I belong to the Utah League of Writers, and there met some other writers I 'clicked' with and we formed our own group. I rarely make the league meetings anymore, but our little group of 3 authors gets together monthly at one another's house. I live 30 miles from the other two, so we trade off.
I have another group I started with two freinds in my neighborhood that liked to write,we've added 2 since then and one is on hiatus. We meet every 2 weeks at my house--I don't even have to shower (lucky them).There is also the option of joining an online group, 60 miles is nothing if you critigue through e-mail and there is no need to have a set time.

I look forward to LDSpublishers guidelines, however, cause you can always make a good thing better.

Annette Lyon said...

Like Josi, my critique group got started through the League of Utah Writers. One member pulled out her directory and started calling authors in her area. I happened to be one of them. Seven years later, we're still meeting almost weekly, and most of us are publishing regularly. It's hands down the best thing I ever did for my writing.