Promo Contest Entry #6

BOOK: Confederate Sergeant Eli Slater had an assignment to complete and it only included a coffin, not a hostage; especially not the LDS daughter of a Northern general. Forced to take her in a raid, Slater now finds everything at risk--especially his feelings for the 'Mormon' Church. He was hoping to forget his experience in the Utah War and his involvement in an assassination attempt on Brigham Young but the dark-eyed hostage is now forcing him to face his past and his heart. With his troop of highly trained sharp-shooters waiting orders to assassinate Abraham Lincoln along with several top Northern generals, and a mysterious series of unbreakable codes flowing over the wires, Slater doesn't need more things to draw his attention away from his assignment. Then a single bullet finds the sergeant and he is left to live or die in her hands. And she now knows he has been sent to kill her father. I remember this one from a previous contest too. Is it finished yet? Have you started submitting?

PROMO IDEA: Start a media sweep with facts on the real, but little known, assassination attempt on Brigham Young during the Utah War. Visit talk shows, radio shows and send press releases discussing the actual history of that assassination attempt. (Teasers and headlines here could be great.) Then let people know that the truth is found in a new fictional book, Beyond Enemy Lines, which goes beyond North and South to discuss the LDS role in the Civil War. In addition to the attempt of Brigham Young's life, did you know the failed Utah War was the reason for the Civil War? Did you know that Robert E. Lee, who hated slavery, was sent by God to lead the South? Do you realize the assassination of President Lincoln was foretold and
that Lincoln needed to die? The truth of the Lord's hand in the Civil War, found in Beyond Enemy Lines, may change your entire view of the war.
GREAT IDEA! You've got enough controversy to get the media interest. As long as you have the facts to back it up. Radio interviews are FREE because you can do them over the phone. I'd include podcasts with as many people as you can. Maybe to a trivia game/test on your website that scores people with cute titles depending on how many questions they got right.

But we need a contest as well, where people can win something--free copies of the book.


Anonymous said...

I have to say, this book sounds fascinating and I'm already looking forward to it, just on the strength of the pitch alone. However, the promo idea raises questions. How will the prospective readers "visit" talk shows and radio shows? On the television and radio, I suppose, but those would probably be local stations in Salt Lake City and would therefore exclude anybody living outside broadcasting range. An internet campaign might be a better idea -- remember Robison Wells' websites for The Counterfeit? The internet is available to anybody at any time.

I can't vote for this entry, sorry, but as I said, I'd love to read the book when it comes out. :-)

Melanie Goldmund

battraws said...

I'm still looking forward to reading this book when it comes out and hope it does soon! I vote for it.

Anonymous said...

A media sweep shouldn't be too expensive. I think most media places are looking for interesting stories to feature. Adding in the 'free press' available on line (like Melanie said) and I think it could generate some interest. I vote for this 'free' idea.