Recognizing Greatness--or Not

A couple of months ago, someone asked if I thought I would have recognized something with as much potential as Harry Potter, had it come across my desk as a submission. (Read post here.) Of course, I said I would...but it's not always clear cut.

I was browsing Nathan Bransford over the weekend and found his take on that. He said it better than I did. Go read it.

And while you're there, bookmark his blog or pick up his feed. He has great info and he's pretty funny too.


Unknown said...

Thanks for links. Great reading. May I also recommend Chip MacGregor (www.chipmacgregor) I love his blogs. I learn a lot from him as well.

Rachelle Christensen said...

Great info! So next time I get rejected I can comfort myself by saying, "They just couldn't see my mushrooms." Right?