Celebrating Summer Short Story Contest

It's time for another writing contest! Winter has gone on too long. Spring keeps teasing us, then disappearing again. My brain has turned to sludge. So, let's play.

Celebrating Summer!
Contest Details

Pretend Scenario: I'm "publishing" a one-issue magazine of short stories that celebrate summer. Stories for inclusion in the magazine will be based upon quality of writing, uniqueness, and general appeal.

There will be four winners. Publisher's Choice and Readers Choice prizes will be awarded. Published authors and unpublished authors will be judged separately.

Write a story in any genre that in some way includes and/or celebrates summer.

Keep it a PG rating—no swearing, sex or graphic violence.

Word count: 500–1500

Stories published anywhere other than your personal website or blog are ineligible. (That includes books, magazines, e-zines or other contests.)

Stories submitted for previous contests on this site are also ineligible.

Paste entire story into an e-mail. NO ATTACHMENTS, please.

In your e-mail, indicate whether or not you are a published author. For the purposes of this contest, "published" is defined as someone compensated you (money or goods) for your story or book. (Either a publisher paid you or you self-published and people bought your book.)

You may submit more than one story. Send each submission in a separate e-mail.

SUBMIT your story any time between now and Friday, May 9th Midnight, Sunday, May 11th

I will post the stories in the order that they arrive.

Readers Choice voting will be between May 12th and May 16th. I will post details on how to vote on May 12th.

I will post comments and announce the winners on Monday, May 19th.

PRIZES: I need some contest sponsors. For details on becoming a sponsor, click here.


Anonymous said...

Weird, slightly off-topic question: What is the difference between a "one-issue magazine" and an anthology? Is it the size/type of paper/binding? Or is it just what you want to call it?

LDS_Publisher said...

The difference is being in a hurry and having a brain cramp and not remembering the word "anthology".