Book of Mormon Anthology Follow-Up

[updated September 2011]

Does this mean you'll finish the critiques on the Book of Mormon contest submissions soon?


Remember when I said I was in semi-retirement? That didn't work out so well.

When I started the Book of Mormon contest, I was still in semi-retirement and would have had plenty of time to do the critiques and put a book together, as scheduled.

However, a week after the contest was over, I was forced out of semi-retirement and back into a "real" job—which has kept me incredibly busy. The contest and anthology (as well as daily blog posting) were pushed onto a back burner, where they are still simmering. I sincerely apologize for the delay.

Yes, I am still working on the story critiques—a little at a time. But no, I don't think there will be enough to do a proper anthology. No, I do not have a date when you can expect to have the critiques finished.

So for those of you asking for an official statement...

Book of Mormon Contest/Anthology Rights Release:
As per the one-time publishing rights referenced HERE, all authors are hereby released from the conditions implicit with submission to the contest.

That means, if you submitted a story for the Book of Mormon contest/anthology and you'd like to submit it somewhere else, go ahead and do so. If your story is unavailable when and if I decide to publish an anthology, that will be my loss.


Susan said...

It's good to hear some news. I truly hope you can muster up some spare time to finish it. I know life can be crazy, and you have to do what you have to do. However, I want you to know that many people have expressed interested in buying the book, and I'm still getting asked what happened with that contest. This would be such a great book for youth, and would have something for every one.

nephite blood spartan heart said...

OK, but sometime in 2011 right? :P

I loves ya.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the update. I don't think I will be take it anywhere else. I would really love to see this through to completion. Thanks again for putting this all together.

britt said...

thanks for the update..I must admit I was really looking forward to a critique. I completely understand life changes and business though.