Will Trade Ad Space for Books

Is your book on the 2010 Whitney nominee list? If it is, I want to make a proposal—a win/win trade, of sorts.

As much as I'd love to, I can't afford to purchase every book that makes the Whitney list.

Yes, I have a library. Yes, it has lots and lots of books.

No, they do not have all of the Whitney nominees, and probably will not have all of the Whitney finalists. (They didn't last year.)

Even if they do have them, I can't always get my hands on a copy in a timely manner. Today I put 20 Whitney nominees that I think will most likely be finalists on hold at my library. I was number 12+ on the list for almost all of them. The chances of them coming through in time are minimal.

So my proposal is this. If you are on the list and you have your book in e-book format* I would love to read it. If you send me a FREE copy of your book so that I can read it without going crazy hunting it down, I will, in exchange for that FREE e-copy of your book:
  • give you a FREE 30 day ad on my sidebar under the "Sponsored by...Books!" heading (value: $25)

  • read your entire book

  • if I like it, I will vote for it on my Whitney ballot (okay, if I like it, I'll vote for it whether or not you send me a copy)
And what if you're not a Whitney nominee right now, but you have a book coming out in 2011? Same offer. Send me your book in one of the standard e-book formats* and I'll give you a free 30 day ad.**

If you want to take me up on this offer, please send me an e-mail with the e-book as an attachment. I will let you know I've received it and when your ad will go up.

Thanks so much!

*I can read all standard e-book formats—pdf, epub, pdb, azw, lrf; I can also convert a Word (.doc or .docx) file. Do not send your original manuscript file. Send the publication file.

**2011 book ads will start after the 2010 Whitney winners are announced and will be limited to 10 ads on display at any given time. Ad placement will be first come, first displayed.

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Eileen Davis said...

LDS Publisher,

I like your thought process on this one. It makes me laugh. I usually wait until a book is not in high demand to get it at the library, but then I'm not judging books in any contest.

I've been following this blog for two weeks and I have found it to be very useful. Thanks.