Creating Your Own Facebook Fanpage, Part 1 by Michael Young

This is part 1 of a 3 part tutorial on creating and customizing a Facebook Fanpage—something EVERY published author should have. ~LDSP

Let’s face it. As an author, you don’t necessarily want to share everything will your fans. You probably don’t want to them all to see every picture of your kids or the invite to your family barbecue with an occasional message about your writing.

Instead, you want to use your Facebook page to build your brand as a writer with a specific message to your specific fans. Luckily, building such a page is both simple and can be completely free.

Here is a list of simple steps that will take you from square one to...a much more advanced square.

Phase 1: Create Your Page

1. From your Facebook account, click on “Pages” on the left hand menu.

2. Click on the button that says “Create a Page”.

3. Select “Artist, Band or Public Figure” and then choose “Author” from the dropdown menu.

4. Choose a name and agree to the terms.

5. Choose a profile image. (The cover of one of your books works well, or your author headshot)

6. Invite your friends and announce the creation of your page on your main profile.

7. Enter the address of your website or blog and a short description that gives visitors an idea of what you write.

8. Viola! Your page is born.

Tomorrow: Phase 2: Customize Your Page

Michael D. Young is the author of the novels The Canticle Kingdom and The Last Archangel. He is also the author of the inspirational pamphlet "Portrait of a Mother". His work has been featured in various online and print magazines such as Mindflights, The New Era, Allegory, and Ensign. You can visit him at his website, www.writermike.com, and his facebook fanpage, http://www.facebook.com/authormichaelyoung.


rebecca h jamison said...

Thanks for the advice. I'm going to be creating my fan page soon, so I'll be reading all of Michael's posts.

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting me on your page. I hope this helps! It has been a great resource for me.

Jolene Perry said...

I SOOO need this.
making my OWN page, I can do.
Using Facebook??
Not so much . . .

Paul W. West, Author said...

I need this too, but I can't find the "Pages" you said to click on on my left side bar. It's not there. What then?

LDS_Publisher said...

Paul, I had some trouble with that too. The link was on my "real life" profile but it's not on my LDS Publisher profile.

So go to anyone's page, like Michael's, and like it. Then in the top right hand corner, you'll find a gray "Create a Page" button. You can follow Michael's directions from there.

lmarsh said...

What if I don't have the page options on my Home page? What do I do then?

Paul W. West, Author said...

Got it. Thanks