Fatuous Friday: My Summer Reading List

I won't be posting any reviews, but here is my Summer Reading Thing List:

  • Bone Warriors by Bron Bahlmann (Interested to see what a teen can do.)
  • Trail of Storms by Marcia Ward (One of my reviewers told me I had to read it. I am nothing, if not obedient.)
  • A few others that I'm waiting to come out later in the summer


Rebecca Talley said...

Great list. I've heard good things about Lisa's book. I'm going to read Tristi's book and Marsha's book.

Thanks for sponsoring this!

Carolyn V. said...

What a great list!

I just finished Lisa's book. It's pretty good. My neighbor even called to comment on how much she liked it. So I guess that's a thumbs up! =)

I'm hoping to read Agent in Old Lace before school starts back up in June. Fingers crossed.