Fatuous Friday

Do you ever feel like jumping the LDS ship and moving to New York where you could be rich and famous?

No. I am committed to the LDS industry. Although I might consider working with national titles that promote LDS values and themes.

But I would love to be rich and famous right here in this little niche. (It could happen.) (Maybe.) (Whatever—a girl can dream. . .)

I'm interested in your Whitney picks. And I'm also interested to know if you edited any of the Whitney finalists. But I suspect those questions are in the same category as "who are you?"...

Whitney picks: Two of my picks won.

Editing: Uhm, well, I better not say. However, there were several nominees and finalists that made my red pen twitch.


Carolyn V. said...

It's so good to hear you aren't planning on New York anytime soon.
We really need strong people to support the LDS values (trust me, I just bought a fantasy book for my girls, but was then warned by a friend about the immorality of a fifteen-year-old in the book. I had to take the book away from my pre-teen. She was mad. I was sad.)

Anonymous said...

Oh it was Twilight

Carolyn V. said...

Well, not quite Twilight (she's not really into that book - can you believe it???)