Missionary Stories a Hard Sale

If I want to publish a book about my mission, written much more fiction-esque than biography, who would I published with? I can't seem to find Bookcraft anymore. Deseret seems to only want doctrine. Any ideas as to where I can turn to find a publisher for "historical fiction"? I only say fiction because it is not written at all like a biography. I'm all ears! Hope you can help!

All the major publishers will consider historical fiction, however, your mission story would not be classified as such. If you're still alive (which you obviously are), it's not quite historical enough to hit that category.

Whether fictionalized or memoir, mission stories are a very hard sell unless there is something extremely unique about them—for example, you were in an area that has historical or political significance to a wide group of people, or you were the first at something, or some huge and captivating miracle occurred.

As to which publishers you should try, go to the bookstore and find recently published (past year or two) books similar to yours. Then query those publishers.


Wm Morris said...

Although missionary stories (whether real, fictionalized or straight up fiction) have been among some of the best works of narrative LDS art of the past two decades, I don't know of any that have sold well except for God's Army.

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

I loved The Best Two Years. Loved it. Maybe the only one (and it was a movie, not a book).

Paul West said...

Check out "The Other Side of Heaven." It demonstrates what LDS Publisher was talking about.

Danielle Thorne said...

Check out mainstream Inspirational publishers. I believe most of them would be open to (even) an LDS story. Don't forget about e-publishers, too. E-publishers are open to a wider variety of genres.

Hopefully, someone will have the brains to start an LDS based e-publishing company soon that publishes all genres; sweet authors (of all faiths) everywhere are trying to place their books.

Don't think there's room for clean romance or other fiction? The HOT new up and coming mainstream fiction is now AMISH ROMANCE. Yep. There's room. Don't give up.

Kent Larsen said...

Someone should probably also alert this author to the fact that Bookcraft was purchased by Deseret Book in 1999 (IIRC).