Question Contest Winners!

Okay, here we go.

Almost as Smart as Me question (tie)
What writing books would you recommend? I've heard that some rules of grammar have changed/are changing--how do we keep up? (Rebecca Talley)

What subjects are "off limits" that you would not consider publishing, no matter how well written? (Rebecca Talley)

These are both really smart questions. The answers change from time to time, so it's good to keep asking them.

Obviously Doesn't Have a Clue question
Should I spend a lot of time trying to figure out where best to place chapters or will that all change anyway if my manuscript is accepted? (Rebecca Talley)

Even though Rebecca knows better and intended this question as a joke, the unfortunate reality is I've had people ask me that. Really.

Got to Be Kidding question
Last month I decided to become a best-selling author and ever since then, I've had my eye on a silver Mercedes. Do you think I should buy it when I get my contract or wait and pay cash for it when I get my first royalty check? By the way, I'm planning to have my book written and published within six months. (Rebecca Talley)

Again, Rebecca is joking but some people really believe they can buy a new car with their first royalty check. Not in this market. Not usually in any other market either, although there are the rare exceptions.

Never Heard That One Before question
I have created a soundtrack for my book. Would it be useful to send in a CD of the soundtrack with the book? Should I list the songs and artists at the end of my book as notations for inspiration? (Andi Sherwood)

I honestly have never heard this one before. Answer coming soon.

Made Me Spew My Drink While Laughing question
I'm trying to figure out if it's best to use designer perfume to scent the pages of my manuscript and cover letter or if it's okay to just go with a perfume from Target? (Rebecca Talley)

It was tough picking a winner in this category, but I think this one is it.

My Favorite question
Do you think it's easier to become a brain surgeon than a published author? (Rebecca Talley)

I don't know if this is my favorite because it's such a cool question, or if I like it best because I had so much fun answering it. Either way, it wins.

Are You Sure You're Not a Three-Year-Old? (aka: person who submits the most REAL questions)
Is there anyone here who wonders who is going to win this one? 80% of the questions, serious and tongue-in-cheek, came from Rebecca Talley, who is now my new best friend.

Thanks also to Andi, Melanie, Tristi, Terri, Mindi, Nolan, and a few other anonymous question submitters. I really appreciate your questions and will answer all of them in the coming days.


Andi Sherwood said...

Yea! I won, I won! I won my first "writing contest!" (I know, using an exclamation point, let alone three in a row, is pretty horrible.)

I'd like to thank the Academy... Actually, I really should thank the book "No Plot, No Problem" because that is what gave me the idea for creating the soundtrack.

I wouldn't REALLY send in the soundtrack, but if you happen to get my submission in a couple of months and want it, let me know. I can send it to you. :)

Thanks for a fun contest, LDSP.

Anonymous said...

Hey Andi,

We can do the happy dance together. Woo hoo!

I guess I'm just full of questions (better than being full of something else!).

This was a fun contest. Thanks, LDSP.

Rebecca Talley

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot . . .do you think we can use this on our cover letters?


Anonymous said...

I knew Rebecca in college. We were, I think, freshmen. And somehow we both ended up writing LDS fiction. Who would have thought. The point here being that she hasn't changed too much, despite raising a flock of wonderful kids. She is still a practical joker. They may be slightly more sophisticated these days, and certainly easier to clean up, but still a joker! Well done Rebecca. Can drive your new BMW once the book is written?

Anonymous said...

Now, now, I didn't leave that many messes during my college days and I do believe you were just as guilty of the practical jokes, eh? (Maybe that's why I've never been asked to go to girls' camp--I'd be worse than the girls for pulling pranks).

And, you most certainly can borrow the beemer. I've already got it picked out and the order in to monogram the leather seats. (As long as you don't drink any green milk in it!)

For anyone interested, after an extensive survey of 1000 randomly selected participants, I've discovered the best perfume to use to scent your pages at Target . . . .

Anonymous said...

Rebecca, do you know who I am?

Anonymous said...

I think so, but as my kids always remind me, I could be wrong. You might have to narrow down the jokes/pranks since I participated in many during my illustrious college career and you must've known me in college to know that about me. Give me a hint? (If you don't get the green milk joke you aren't who I think you are or you have suffered selective memory loss).

Anonymous said...

How many BYU alumns do you know who write LDS fiction?

Anonymous said...

Exactly . . .one, Dad.

Anonymous said...

Well done...mom.