Ghost Writer Wanted

Where do you go if you have a project and you need someone to "write for you"! I have looked everywhere and I can not find anywhere to find a good LDS author to help me out. any suggestions?

The technical term for what you're asking for is ghost writer. Good ghost writers are hard to find because good writers are usually busy writing their own stories. You're also looking at a substantial investment. Most ghost writers charge by the page. Experienced ghost writers charge between $50 to $100 per page, or more. Some ghost writers are willing to work for the lion's share of the advance and/or royalty. It really is not feasible to hire a ghost writer unless you're a celebrity or politician, someone who's guaranteed book sales because of their personality.

Generally, when a ghost writer is required, it's the publisher who sets up the relationship. They find a writer they know and trust and have them work with the "author". In the LDS market, the only time I know of this being done is when General Authorities need help with a book.

Now, if you're talking about writing your memoirs or family history and need someone to help with that, consider finding a college student with reasonably good skills who might be willing to work for a lot less.

Anyone else have an idea on this?


Anonymous said...

Great post. The only thoughts I would offer (since I am a fulltime freelance ghostwriter) is that while ghostwriters command a significant amount of money, some ghosts are flexible in their fees. Try negotiating paying a flat fee, say $10,000. Or, perhaps paying a certain amount of money per month until the project is complete.

These type payment options are a viable option for both parties, since the flat fee option allows both to know exactly how much the project will cost, and the monthly payment helps those ghosts who need a certain amount of $ to count on each month (and is more budget friendly to clients).

Most of all, any ghostwriter you are considering should be able to answer questions and listen to concerns. If they don't, run do not walk the other direction!

Taryn Simpson

Heather Moore said...

Glad I checked the blog today :)

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