My Lack of Spirituality is Showing

Kristen Nelson, over on Pub Rants (bookmark that blog if you haven't already), talked about a query she got last month that stated if she didn't get the writer a book deal, it would be her fault if the writer died. I really wanted to laugh but I can relate too closely to that situation. Only I get threatened with eternal damnation. (Not kidding.)

I think the one that takes the cake for me is where the writer submitted a book and it was really, really horrendous. There were no less than 40 errors (mostly spelling and grammar, some misuse of words) in the first page. In his/her query, the writer stated that they had prayed about this book, that God had told them to write it, and that my company was the publisher God wanted to publish it.

I was very nice when I rejected it. Even included a personal note. She was devastated. I got a scathing reply which included insinuations about my level of spirituality and my commitment to the gospel. The writer warned me that if I didn't repent and live righteously enough that the Spirit could speak to me that I would suffer the punishment of e.d.

About two years later, the writer resubmitted. The errors were down to about 25 on the first page. I rejected again. She cursed me again.

Just recently I heard from the writer. They wanted to inform me that another publisher had snapped up their book and very much appreciated its spiritual quality and said publisher was non-LDS so what was my problem?

If any of you feel the same way about your books, you could try this writer's publisher.

P.S. I'm all out of questions. Please send more.


Heather Moore said...

AuthorHouse accepts everyone.

LDS_Publisher said...

Yes. That was my not very spiritual response to this writer.

Heather Moore said...


Rachelle Christensen said...

So I guess this means my little horror story, entry #11, wasn't that far from the mark, eh? I figured you probably had people react that way. All of the *ahem* rejections I have received thus far from LDS publishers have been pretty helpful and encouraging. Even some of the mainstream publishers have written me little notes on the bottom of their form letters which makes it sting just a little less. I'm willing to bet that most of those types of people, the cursing kind, aren't a part of any writing groups or else they would know that rejections are just a stepping stone to becoming published.

Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen said...

So glad your still alive, and by the looks of things, not in purgatory. All I can say, besides half-laughing, half-feeling sorry for you, is it takes all kinds to make the world go round, or at least provide someone to base our villains off of.
Enjoyed the blog.

Jeff Savage said...

I guess they showed you. Repent sinner!

Josi said...

I wonder what this writer will do when they realize that no bookstore will sell the book, very few people will consider it worth reading, no one will review it, and hence, no one will buy it. You might bt in very good company with all the reviewers, bookstore owners and non-readers that end up cursed into pergatory with you.

I'm sorry. All jokes and annoyance aside, when people react like this, with such pious judgments, it's got to sting.

Tristi Pinkston said...

Oh, that's just funny. I'm sorry you're eternally damned, LDSP -- I'm so spiritual, I'm sure to go straight to heaven, and it would have been fun to hang out with you. C'est la vie. (or however you spell it. I'm so spiritual, I don't have to spell correctly.)

Rebecca Talley said...

See, that's why I want to hang out with you, Tristi, at the Storymakers conference, so your spirituality can rub off on me :)

LDSP--would you consider another manuscript from this same author?

You hate to burn bridges and insult the very people you hope will publish future works. Doesn't make sense at all.

And what about having a book published by AuthorHouse or PublishAmerica, does that help or hinder an author?

LDS_Publisher said...

Rebecca, If this author sent another submission, I'd read the query just because I'm nice that way. But it would have to be SO INCREDIBLY PHENOMENAL for me to ever consider it that in all probability the answer would be NO.