Guest Blogging

Updated 9/2/11

The LDS Publisher blog is moving away from a question/answer blog and toward a "magazine" type blog, with articles from other writers and bloggers. I'll still continue to answer questions sent to me by readers, but I'm opening up posting opportunities for LDS authors, publishers, and other in the industry.

If you blog about writing, publishing, or industry trends and you want me to take a look at a particular post for re-posting here, send me an e-mail with the URL link to that specific post.

I'll also do my own searching of other blogs for good info and then re-posting those blog posts here (with permission, of course).

Like any submission process, some posts will be accepted and others will be rejected. I'm looking for good writing and keen insights that I think will appeal to my readers here.

"Payment" for submissions is a byline, photo, short bio and link to your blog. Please include the photo, bio and link(s) with your submission. (See example here.)

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