Sponsor Guidelines

Updated 1/1/12

The LDS Publisher blog network offers monthly sponsorship opportunities to LDS authors and their publishers.

Sponsor provides a prize in the form of one print copy of their book to be shipped at sponsor's expense to a prize winner selected by LDS Publisher. Prizes are awarded according to these eligibility rules.

Details on the Monthly Sponsorship Program:
  • Books for prizes MUST be authored or co-authored by an LDS author.

  • Books may be fiction or non-fiction, but fiction gets preference.

  • Book must be available in print. You may offer the option of a digital book as a prize, but you must be able to award a print-published book as the prize, if desired by the winner.

  • Book may be published by a traditional publisher or self-published.

  • Book must be currently available for purchase online.

  • If you have published multiple books, choose ONE title to offer as the prize. I suggest your most current title but any title that is in print qualifies.

  • Authors may only sponsor one prize per month and may not sponsor two months in a row (unless for some reason I'm low on sponsors).

  • If you have multiple books, each title may have a turn at sponsoring. Sponsorship will be allotted in a way that's fair to others who want to sponsor. (Example: Depending on the length of my waiting list, your first book may sponsor in January; second book may not have a turn until April or later.)

  • Publishers may sponsor, but they must do so in their author's name.

  • Publishers may submit multiple authors/books. Each author will be considered as a separate submission.

  • You will be notified in advance of your sponsorship month.

  • If for some reason you change your mind about sponsoring, please let me know ASAP so I can find another title to take your place.

Sponsoring Promotion Details:
  • A Monthly Sponsor Info Post will be created and posted to the LDS Publisher blog on the first business day of the sponsoring month, or very soon thereafter.

  • Info Post will include an image of the book cover; book title linked to Amazon (or other online bookstore); book synopsis or teaser; author name linked to author website or blog (when available); author photo; short author bio. (See previous blog sponsors here.)

  • Sponsors shall be limited to no more than eight in any given month.

  • Sponsoring books will be listed alphabetically by title.

  • Book cover images and links will also be posted on the sidebar.

  • Book cover images on the sidebar will be deleted when the new month's sponsorship begins.

  • Info Posts will remain part of the blog indefinitely.

  • Newly released and seasonal books will be given preference.

  • Offers of bribes do not effect the selection process.

Awarding Prizes
  • On the first business day of the following month or very soon thereafter, I will post the prize winners.

  • Winners have two weeks to send me their mailing address.

  • I will forward the winner's mailing address to you. Please ship their prize within one week of receipt of their address. Also, please keep the winner's personal information private. Do not add them to your newsletter list unless they request for you to do so.

  • Prizes are shipped to the winner at your expense, packaged in such a way that the book will not be damaged during shipping. I suggest USPS Media Mail as it is the least expensive method. All entrants must have a U.S. mailing address.

Sponsorship Request E-mail:

Please include all of the following information in your sponsorship request e-mail .
  • Your name

  • Which month you would prefer to sponsor (you may not get this month, depending on the length of my waiting list)

  • Title of the book and Author Name

  • Image of your book cover or link to where I may find it (preferred format: jpg, color, 300 px wide)

  • Your photo or link to where I may find it (preferred format: jpg, color, 300 px wide)

  • URL address of site where your book may be purchased (your specific book page on that site); this can be your personal website or blog, your publisher's website, your amazon page, etc. as long as it has a BUY ME button on the page.

  • URL address of your website and/or blog, or your publisher's website if they have a dedicated author page for you; since this link will be attached to your name, it should go to where readers can learn more about you as an author

  • Optional e-mail address (include only if you want it posted on the Info Page)

Although I cannot imagine a problem developing, I have been advised to state the following: LDS Publisher makes no claims nor offers any guarantees of effectiveness and shall not be held responsible for any traffic or lack thereof generated by sponsoring the LDS Publisher blogs. LDS Publisher shall not be held liable and prizes may not be retracted if sponsor post is up a few days after the first of the month. LDS Publisher herself, the company she works for, her family, friends, neighbors, etc., etc., etc. CAN NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE for any outcome, positive or negative, that may or may not arise from participation in this sponsorship program, including but not limited to individual blog/website traffic or lack thereof as generated by participation on this blog and/or its contests; increase or decrease of book sales; a late post date; or anything else that may or may not irk you. SPONSOR AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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