Winning Sponsoring Books

Updated 1/1/12

In trying to conform to the legal requirements imposed for giveaways, I am adjusting and updating the way you enter to win book prizes. Previously, you were automatically entered by leaving a comment. The more you commented, the more entries you received.

No more.

Although I very much hope you'll continue to leave comments, the Official Rules are now listed below.

Official Rules of The LDS Publisher
Monthly 'Win a Book' Sweepstakes

  • Each month, LDS Publisher will host a sweepstakes to give away copies of the books posted on the LDS Publisher blog sidebar under the heading "Win These Books!".

  • Prizes are physical print copies of the books posted, to be provided and shipped directly to the winner by the Prize Sponsor (the author or publisher of the book).

  • To enter to win one of the books shown in the sidebar, simply fill out and submit the form immediately below the images. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.

  • You must be 18 years of age or older to enter.

  • Due to differences in international sweepstakes laws, prizes are limited to U.S. residents. (Or may be gifted to someone with a U.S. mailing address.)

  • New books will be posted to the LDS Publisher blog on the first business day of the new calendar month, or as soon thereafter as possible.

  • Deadline to enter to win one of the books is midnight, Mountain Time, the last day of the calendar month.

  • You may enter one time each calendar month. You may enter on any of the LDS Publisher networked blogs. Duplicate entries will be deleted.

  • Winners will be chosen at random using Random.Org.

  • Odds of winning are determined by the number of eligible entries received during a given month.

  • Each new month begins a new giveaway. Since each month's contest winner is randomly selected, it is possible that the same person could win a prize in consecutive months.

  • Winning names will be posted on the LDS Publisher blog on the first business day of the new month, or as soon thereafter as possible. Winners will also be notified by email.

  • Winners must send their full mailing address to LDS Publisher within two weeks of notification or they will forfeit their prize.

  • If winner forfeits or does not claim the prize, prize may or may not be re-awarded, at the discretion of LDS Publisher and/or the Prize Sponsor.

  • Email adresses will not be posted, used or shared in any way, except for purposes of awarding the prize. Winners' emails with mailing addresses shall be forwarded to the Prize Sponsor with instructions for them to delete it upon shipping the book. Winner information will also be maintained in a database by LDS Publisher should any question or dispute arise at a later date.

  • All other information collected by the entry form will be purged within one week of announcing winners of the sweepstakes.

  • All prizes are gifts from the Prize Sponsor, not from LDS Publisher. Prizes are shipped directly to the winner by the Prize Sponsor. Therefore, LDS Publisher shall not be held responsible for errors made by Prize Sponsors, including but not limited to delayed, damaged or lost shipments, failure to award prize as promised, or misuse of information (name, mailing address, email) by the Prize Sponsor.

  • LDS Publisher and Prize Sponsors undertake this sweepstakes in good faith, and therefore shall not be held responsible for any and all errors which may occur during the conduct of the sweepstakes, including but not limited to technical failures which may or may not effect the entry process; technical or other errors which delay or prevent communication with winners in a timely manner; typographical or other errors; or any other human error which may effect the outcome winner selection.

  • LDS Publisher and Prize Sponsors shall be held harmless in the event that the prize or the sweepstakes in some way negatively impacts the winner and/or entrants.

  • These sweepstakes are conducted according to regulations for sweepstakes in the United States.


  • By entering to win a book, you are agreeing to abide by these Official Rules.


Don said...

That's cool! Way to go!

Sorry. I just can't help myself sometimes. This seems like a really good win/win activity. Thanks for the great blog.

Tamster said...

Okay, Don makes me laugh.
This is a clever way to get comments. I ought to try something like this on my blog, as long as I could get the authors to donate the books themselves and I didn't have to pay for it.
Actually, I've been wanting to win Marcia's book, and she keeps trying to give me ways to do it. It's got to work one of these times. :-)
Tami Gooch

Jennie said...

I like your new format. It definitely has a more polished look to it and it's nice to have the contests in a specific area. I just finished a contest on my blog and though I had a strong response I will be sure to link my next one to your contest site.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if I am supposed to post here as well. I made a post in another area. My comment said that I was not Mormon, but I enjoy reading books about different faiths. I especially enjoy the LDS books, and find that I larn from even a suspense novel.
Digicat {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

LDS_Publisher said...

Carolsue, welcome to the site. Feel free to comment on any book or post. :)

Betsy Love said...

I won a book once before (Forbidden Sea by Sheila Neilson--a great read). I didn't even know I had entered to win. I'm excited to have an opportunity to win again. I just finished reading Tristi's book, Hang 'Em High. Loved it. I'd love to win any of the other books listed for this week. Good luck to all entrants.