2011 Speculative Book Covers

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Remember, we're voting for the COVER, not the story or the author.  
Voting deadline: Midnight, Friday, February 10, 2012.

Embers of Atlantis by Tracy Hickman
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
Cover Design: Mathias Kollros
What I like most about this cover are the colors. The top is a little busy for my tastes and the title feels like an afterthought. But the colors? They are really breathtaking. I could do without the super short outfit on the woman (personal taste) but that dragon behind her is really spectacular. Love it.

The Last Archangel  by Michael D. Young
Publisher: Cedar Fort
Cover Design: Angela Olsen
I really like the colors in this cover too. Again, the top feels busy to me, and there are so many images shoved in there that my eye doesn't really know what to look at. But the swords pop out to me. I like that they almost seem to be the hands on the clock. I like that there's a the hint of dark wings. And I really like the way the title was handled. Intriguing.

 Monster Hunter Alpha by Larry Correia
Publisher: Baen
Cover Design: ??
I love, love, love this cover. First, the title pops. Great color against the gray blue tone of the illustration. While I don't like to see those bursts on the front telling me how cool the author is, if you have to have one, this one is tolerable. I like the placement and type of the authors name. But the thing that really grabs me is that illustration. I love it! There's the wolf and the monster girl. And what the heck is that thing in the middle with the metal claws? COOL! I am so tired of sparkly, sexy vampires and hot, hot werewolves. I am thrilled to see the implied violence and animal rage depicted in these monsters. But even without the comparison to wimpy monsters, this cover still totally rocks. Awesome! Love it! Love it!

Perdition's Gateway  by Terrance Drake
Publisher: Cedar Fort
Cover Design: Angela D. Olsen
I love this cover. It is just awesome. I have no idea what the book is about but it looks so cool that, yes, it's on my To Read list. Okay, where to start? I like that light at the top that reflects into the dark. Don't know what it is supposed to be but visually? Cool. I like that it repeats just above the center mark of the cover, but it overshadowed by the title. I love the change in fonts for the title. The red for Perdition. Awesome. And the white of Gateway. Cool. And then there's the figure there at the gateway. But are they coming or going? Good job.

Wolfhound by Kindal Debenham
Publisher: Wandering Leaf Publishing
Cover Design: Paul Hamblin
This reminds me of some of the classic sci-fi covers from a few years back—but not in a bad, outdated way. I like it. You've got the planets and the star ship. Then the characters. I like the colors. Not sure I would use yellow for title and author, and I'd make the title a little more distinct and bold. I really, really like that the woman looks strong, like she can totally kick butt without even breaking a sweat. (Girl power!) Good placement of elements, nice balance, great colors.

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