A Sermon and A $50 Amazon Gift Card Contest

Today is the last day to vote for your favorite 2011 book cover. It ends at MIDNIGHT, Mountain Time, tonight. (Click HERE to vote.)

I'm seeing a lot of posts and tweets that say things like, "Yay, I made the finalists! Go vote for my book." And a lot of replies that say things like, "I hope you win! I voted for you like you asked."

While I'm grateful for the help in spreading the word, just a reminder, this should NOT be a popularity contest, as in "Because I'm your friend, I'm voting for you..."

Please, please, please...

As you spread the word, tell your friends to vote for the cover they like best. It may very well be your cover. But then again, it may not be.

I realize I can't control this and you may not be able to control it either. I mean, your mother is going to vote for your cover even if she thinks it's the most hideous thing she's ever seen. Just saying, please, encourage people to vote for the cover they find the most visually appealing.

End of sermon.

Now for the Whitney Reading Contest...

LDS Women's Book Review is sponsoring their 2nd Annual "Read 'Em All" Challenge and I'm signing up! I didn't get all of them read last year, but this year, I'm on schedule!

(See my sidebar? I'm more than halfway done.)

Here's the post with the details:
How to Read 35 Books in 81 Days and a Challenge

Let me know in the comments if you've joined too. I want to know how steep my competition is.

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