My template is malfunctioning again!

So I'll be changing everything over to a very bland Blogger template for now until my lovely assistant can get around to creating something awesome for me.

She says it might be awhile. For some reason, she thinks paying jobs should get higher priority than non-paying jobs.



Angie said...

Yes, reading it earlier today was...difficult. =) Good luck!

Jennie said...

I wasn't sure if your site was malfunctioning, mine was, or my granddaughter sitting on my lap hit something.

LDS_Publisher said...

The templates that I've been using were freebies, with the artwork hosted at the creator's Photobucket account. They exceeded their bandwidth, meaning too many people were using the template. When that happened, we get the mess that occurred today.

We'll look at this ugly gray for a bit, then have something fun and new before too long. Hopefully. :)

Donna K. Weaver said...

Pffft. What's with that?

Good luck to her in finding out what the problem is.