Christmas Story Contest Reminder

LDSP's 2009 Christmas Story Contest

Prize: Publication in a Christmas collection that will be published and ready for sale in October.

Submission deadline: August 15th.

Details HERE.

I will start posting stories next week.

Right now it's slim pickins. Only 5 entries. Get those stories finished and send them out to me ASAP.


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? Christmas in July? How about the Red Coat that Stole Christmas? Or The Naughty or Nice Water Fight? Or maybe All I want for the Fourth of July are my Two Front Teeth. I prefer something like the Twelve Days of Bar-B-Q-ing or maybe Oh Little Town of Gettysberg.

No matter what stories you do get this time of year, please fill my stocking with cotten candy and how about we bob for gingerbread after a rousing pioneer game of reindeer shoes?

Don't close submissions until I get mine to you: I'm Dreaming of a Red, White and Blue Christmas.

Melanie Goldmund said...

All I want for Christmas is a good story idea -- but how can you write a good, uplifting, publishable story when you hear yourself groaning "Ugh" every time you even think of Christmas?

*tears hair*